VIC-3D High-Speed System

Non-Contact Full-Field Dynamic Strain Measurement System

Up to 500,000 frames per second.

VIC-3D™ High-Speed System Overview

The VIC-3D High-Speed (HS) Digital Image Correlation system is a high-speed measurement system for full-field shape, displacements, velocities, strains, and much more.  Systems with frame rates from 1,000 to 500,000 Hz are available, and configurations are customized to your applications and budget.  See the VIC-3D Ultra High-Speed system page for frame rates up to 5MHz. Our systems are streamlined and integrated with supported high-speed cameras with acquisition software VIC-Snap HS, which allows the user to acquire calibration and test images with ease.  Synchronized images are seamlessly acquired and saved in the correct format for fast data analysis in VIC-3D.  Furthermore, VIC-Snap HS enables external analog data to be recorded via an included data acquisition system synchronizing load or displacement data frame-by-frame.

The VIC-3D HS system includes all the benefits of the standard VIC-3D system in addition to fully-integrated high-speed cameras. Shape, movement, and strain are tracked and computed for every data point (pixel subset) within the field of view.  Since this data is calculated in three dimensions, out-of-plane displacements are measured directly, essentially eliminating bias. All calculations are done quickly and automatically with the included VIC software suite.

Technology Overview

High-Speed cameras are very useful for the qualitative assessment of high speed events; however, it can be very tedious to obtain quantitative data from images without good software.  Motion tracking software helps with this problem, but can only track movement at defined points, and is generally less accurate.  Since the VIC-3D HS system analyzes a speckle pattern which is applied to the surface of the specimen, full-field data is captured and local strains area easily identified and measured.  VIC-3D also includes FREE integrated marker tracking capabilities, as an added benefit.  This can be useful if displacements are only needed at select points, such as the head or limbs on a crash test dummy.  Common dynamic applications for this powerful system included (but not limited to) crash testing, air bag deployment, vibration analysis, bird strike tests, ballistic events, explosive events, drop tests, Kolsky bar test, fracture mechanics, and much more.

System Features

Below are the general features of the VIC-3D HS system; however, system configurations do vary.  Please call us to discuss your applications as it is our goal to provide you with accurate information about every system that is right fit for you.

    • Full-field measurements of 3D coordinates, displacements, velocities, and complete strain tensors
    • Frame rates up to 500,000 fps, resolutions up to 4.0 MP
    • In-plane measurement resolution: up to 0.01 pixels
    • Out-of-plane measurement resolution: up to 0.02 pixels
    • Strain resolution up to 0.01% local, 0.005% global
    • Strain ranges from 0.01% to over 2,000%
    • Automatic calibration
    • High-speed cameras can be easily controlled using our proprietary Vic-Snap HS image acquisition software
    • Powerful tools for visualizing data
      • Contour displays which can be overlaid onto images of the test specimen
      • Data extraction from 3D plots based on user defined lines, circles or points
      • Post-processing tools for statistical analysis, stress-strain curves, and more
    • One year of technical support and software upgrades.
      • Live technical support is available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.
      • On-site support and consulting is also available.
  • Standard two year replacement warranty for defects in materials and/or workmanship on all parts.

System Specifications

Below are the specifications for common VIC-3D HS system configurations:

System Type VIC-3D HS-T1* VIC-3D HS-T2*
Max Camera Resolution 1MP to 4MP 1MP
Frame Rate 2,000 to 200,000 fps 10,000 to 500,000 fps
Memory Up to 128GB internal Up to 128GB internal
Number of Frames Dependent on memory & frame rate Dependent on memory & frame rate
Analog Data Recording +/- 10V, up to 8 input channels +/- 10V, up to 8 input channels
In-Plane Displacement Resolution 0.00001 * FOV or better 0.00001 * FOV or better
Out-of-Plane Displacement Resolution 0.00002 * FOV 0.00002 * FOV
Strain Resolution 50µ? or better 50µ? or better
Strain Range from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000%
Minimum Measurement Area 12mm 12mm

* Specifications may vary depending on camera selection.

Application Example

industrial_1_whiteboxStudying the behavior of metals during a high-speed dynamic compression event has always been challenging due to the complex test set up and fast data capture rates required. Currently, very little literature is available regarding deformation behavior at strain rates of  10 to 500s-1. Utilizing high-speed cameras, the VIC-3D HS system can be used to quantify the surface displacements and strains in three dimensions over the entire field with great precision. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) has gained widespread popularity over recent years in such high-speed applications due to its high accuracy, flexibility and ease of use.

industrial_2In this example, a 6mm diameter cylindrical specimen was compressed at a strain rate of 50s-1. The VIC-3D HS system was used to capture the  surface displacements and  strains on  the  specimen during the event. A random speckle pattern is applied to the specimen that allows the analysis software to easily track the deformation to sub-pixel accuracy. Although the high- speed cameras are capable of much higher capture rates, for this test they were set to an appropriate frame rate of 14,400fps to maximize spatial resolution while acquiring an adequate number of images during the event. The cameras were post-trigger at a resolution of 1024 x 400 pixels. After the event, the images are transferred to the computer’s  hard  drive, and  then  post-processed using VIC-3D analysis software.

Images courtesy of Amos Gilat & Jeremy Seidt at Ohio State University.

More Information

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