Testing Services


Correlated Solutions can provide customized testing for various specimen types in 2D or 3D. Various configurations of the VIC system are available depending on your applications including: high resolution, high speed, infrared capability, microscopy, fatigue/vibration, transient vibration analysis and full field real-time (3D quasi-static only).

Left image: VIC-3D High-Speed system setup at the Kaboom experiment located at Ottawa airport.  Image Courtesy of the National Research Council of Canada.

Examples include tensile testing, column compression tests, and surface profiling. All testing results will be provided in rich graphs, animations, and numerical data.  Together with a temporary evaluation key, the data can be analyzed any way you choose.

Contact our engineers to discuss your application and develop a test plan. Depending on your requirements we will either conduct the test at our facilities or on-site at your location.

Customized Turn-Key Systems

For special cases, including very large scale testing, very high-speed testing, and high-temperature testing Correlated Solutions can specify systems with custom cameras, lenses, mounting, calibration equipment, and software to fit your needs.  All our turn-key systems are customized to your applications, and we support your system for one year after delivery.  All VIC systems can be upgraded at any time during the support period with high-speed cameras, a stereo-microscope, real-time analysis, and much more.  We also offer our personal installation of any additional hardware and/or software with your purchase.

Right image:  VIC-3D High-Speed system setup up.  Courtesy of Ohio State University


Please contact one of our applications engineers who will be pleased to discuss your application and identify a viable solution.

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