The VIC-2D™ System

VIC-2D 6 Now Available!

VIC-2D has been substantially upgraded and is available today. VIC-2D has proven to be the world’s fastest and most robust 2D DIC system on the market. Call us today for an evaluation copy and see for yourself.


VIC-2D 6 New Features

Below is a list of improvements to the software:

• Improved data processing speed up to 135,000 data points/sec using a modern PC with a single quad-core CPU.
• Improved strain algorithms for quicker and more accurate results.
• Completely redesigned user interface for increased ease of use.
• New and improved tools for defining AOIs (Areas of Interest).
• Improved initial guess window interface.
• Completely redesigned inspector tools for easier data extraction.
• All extraction locations are now saved with the project, and have click and drag functionality.
• New “Apply Function” feature that allows the user to enter customized equations to generate new contour variables.
• New graph widget for displaying multiple data extractions on one graph (points, line slices, circles, rectangles, and extensometers).
• Results can now be viewed in user-selectable units such as inches and micrometers.
• Overall improved project saving (extractions, analysis settings, plot settings, etc.)
• New recent projects menu and thumbnail display on home page.
• Newly integrated post-processing feature for applying time filters to extracted data.
• Large project loading performance improvement with faster animation playback.

Download your evaluation copy of Vic-2D today.

VIC-2D System Overview


The VIC-2D system is a turnkey solution that utilizes our optimized correlation algorithms to provide full-field two-dimensional displacement and strain data for mechanical testing on planar specimens. In-plane displacement are measured at every pixel subset within the area of interest, and full-field strain is computed with many tensor options.

The VIC-2D system measures in-plane displacements and strains over 2000% with measurement resolution as low as 10 microstrain possible. Specimen sizes ranging from microns to meters are measured easily, and with a built-in microscope distortion correction and SEM drift correction module, the software is the most flexible and powerful 2D DIC software on the market.


Full-field 2D strain data measured during a high-strain tensile test on a HDPE sample


Turn-key Solution

The VIC-2D system is a complete turn-key measurement system which can be customized to a wide range of applications. Our measurement systems are designed with the ease-of-use in mind with simple hardware integration, simple analog data synchronization, and intuitive software. Some of the features of the VIC-2D system include:

  • Non-contact full-field displacement and strain measurements
  • No calibration necessary
  • Simple specimen preparation using the VIC Speckle Kit
  • Real-time data processing with VIC-Gauge 2D
  • Integrated analog data synchronization
  • Available analog output for machine control with VIC-Gauge
  • High strain resolution and range
  • Sample sizes from SEM images to bridges

We provide our customers with unmatched U.S. technical support for all simple and advanced applications such as high-temperature, dynamic, microscopy (SEM/AFM), submersible, and more. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss your applications. We are here to help.


The Vic-2D system is used where strain distributions need to be measured on flat specimens of almost any material. Common applications include testing in tension, shear, crack growth, fatigue/cyclic and more. Localized strain fields are computed, displayed, and easily exported for FEA validation.

System Specifications

Below are the specifications for common VIC-2D systems configurations:

Camera Resolution 1920 x 1200 2448 x 2048 From 11 to 29MP up to 4MP up to 924 x 768
Frame Rate 162 Hz 75 Hz Up To 5 Hz up to 300 KHz (reduced resolution) up to 5 MHz
In-Plane Displacement Resolution 0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00002 * FOV
Strain Resolution ~10 microstrain ~20 microstrain ~50 microstrain ~50 microstrain ~50 microstrain
Strain Range from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.010% to >2,000%

More Information


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