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Research Scientist

Correlated Solutions, Inc., is seeking two engineers for our research and development department. The focus of these positions is the development of novel computational methods for error reduction and performance enhancements in digital image correlation applications. A specific emphasis of this work will be on the development, testing and integration of massively parallel computing methods to enhance algorithm throughput and on the integration with complimentary computational methods used throughout the mechanical engineering field, e.g., finite element methods.

• Develop novel methods for error reduction in digital image correlation
• Design and implement prototype algorithms to assess feasibility and performance
• Implement and validate optimized algorithms through virtual test beds and real-world applications
• Identify performance gains that can be obtained by leveraging GPU computing
• Implement, test and validate high-performance CPU/GPU algorithms
• Implement, test and validate user interfaces for new computational algorithms
• Implement visualization algorithms for massive data volumes using OpenGL.
• Design, develop and implement algorithms to interface digital image correlation data with other tools (vibration analysis, FEA, CAD/CAM etc.)

Special Requirements
• Knowledge of experimental mechanics, particularly optical (computer vision) methods; expertise in Finite Element Analysis
• C/C++, OpenGL, GPGPU (OpenCL or cuda) and python programming
• strong background in linear algebra and numerical methods
• strong oral and written communication skills; familiarity with Qt, Windows and Unix operating systems.

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