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X, Y and Z values in exported data
Posted by Elisha Byrne, Last modified by Micah Simonsen on 13 October 2016 01:05 PM

The X, Y and Z values in exported data are the undeformed X, Y and Z values, which do not change.  These are the same X, Y and Z values displayed on the contour graph when "Show reference data" is selected.  However, in contour graphs "show deformed data" is selected by default and in this case the X, Y, and Z values seen in the contour graphs are actually the deformed values (which is the reference X, Y and Z data plus U, V and W, respectively).

When exporting data, there is the option to "add deformed values."  This will provide X', Y' and Z' deformed values, which is what is seen in the contour graph when "Show deformed data" is selected.

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